The art world sculpted by the hands of visionary artists.

The Shash Gallery gathers artists from around the world who share the same passion and vision for creating beauty.

A collective of diverse talents, each infusing their unique process, technique, and ethos into their creations, brings artwork inspired by minimalist aesthetics and the transformative power of art.

From different designs, sculptures, photographs, objects, and paintings, each piece represents a mirror reflecting the intricate mosaic of human emotions like a reminder that art is not just seen; it is felt.


Annita Klimt is an artist born in Barcelona who lives and works in Madrid. She has a degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, and she is a co-director of The Stendhal Room, a creative space in the center of Madrid, and founder of the virtual community of Women who cut and paste.

Her passion for the Seventh Art, especially for the French New Wave, along with her other passions for archaeology and poetry, is reflected in every one of her works: from handmade photo collages created from different recovered materials to analog photography, and self-publishing.

As a visual artist, she brings the beauty of simple things in her works. With the woman as the protagonist, she explores from minimalism and poetics, concepts such as loss, hope, or desire. She works manually, as a way to distance herself from the automation. It is a process that always forces her to deconstruct and reconstruct herself.


Cova González is a photographer from Madrid who seeks to convey emotion through her work, in many cases framed in a natural environment.

Exclusively for The Shash Gallery, she presents four works inspired by the need to find oneself in calm through the pause of contemplation, in a society as noisy and frenetic as the present one.  


Ivana Cerovic was born in Belgrade and graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Strasbourg. She teaches art in elementary school in Paris, France. Her creations invite you into a curious, teeming universe where artistic practice mingles with the intimate moments of everyday life.

“This silent dialogue between you and me, free and secret, is an incredible invention.” This is how Irene Vallejo writes about reading and writing, those incredible everyday activities for us. Words and their ability to be embodied fascinate and inspire Ivana to create a new paper piece especially for the Blanc sur Blanc exhibition at the Shash Gallery.


Madlena Dasic chooses to refer to her art practice as a type of visual poetry, where she continues to lose and find herself in a repeatable manner.

The directions and context of her work can be dynamic and energetic, practicing esthetic strategies and transforming itself through different forms. As a professor of Visual communication, she also has an academic perspective of the arts, that gives a rational dose and theoretic approach to her creative process.

She draws, paints, illustrates, animates, creates, and pro-creates in a wide assortment of media, aiming to keep the content and her work diversely unique. Madlena aims to ask questions about visual culture, society, contemporary approaches, and the aesthetic references of civilization.


Sasha Sasic is a Serbian visionary artist born in Croatia who currently resides in Madrid. Her journey into the realm of art began with an insatiable creativity and a highly developed sense of beauty which together with her versatile nature immersed her over the years in various artistic disciplines.

By adopting a minimalist approach to anything she does, Sasha creates and discovers the transformative potential of art. For the Shash Gallery, she chooses white-infused art and brings the absence of color as the silent protagonist of art through collages and ceramics.

She presents pottery as a form of meditation and space where boundaries do not exist. The clay is her space to wander and let go – to free her mind. Using soft tones, she creates a space of calm, a moment of balance. This is where we discover our power of transformation and just as collages, made from remaining fabric and thread materials, we find new beginnings and purpose as a way forward.


Senja Vild is a Balkan photographer and visual artist born in Split, Croatia. She graduated photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and obtained her Master’s degree in Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Communication.

Her focus lies primarily on fashion, architecture, people in different spaces, and stories captured on a film. She also creates artworks using mixed media, and her works have been published in different magazines and publications, and exhibited in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Belgrade, Zagreb and many more…

Created as part of an exclusive series for The Shash Gallery, she presents a painting that depicts shapes that embody the Shash philosophy of minimalism.


’’What you don’t see inside yourself but feel, I discover through photography.’’

Tina Maric, born in 1985, is a Belgrade-based photographer. She graduated in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy in 2009 and has an MA degree in Cultural Politics and Management from the University of Arts in Belgrade. After her studies, she worked as a freelance curator but later decided to dedicate herself to photography work exclusively.

For the last four years, she has gradually shaped her art expression towards exploring photography as a means to evoke an emotional response. Her work is mostly portrait and fashion-oriented.

Especially for the Shash gallery, Tina made ethereal photos of the white flowers on a white background. Posing the flowers against the bright light source made them translucent, inviting the viewer to better observe their delicate and tender nature.


Ute Wehner is a German multidisciplinary artist, creative therapist, and architect, based in Madrid. Her art aims to direct the gaze towards the essential beauty that permeates existence, inviting us to experience it as a vibrant, intuitive, emotional, and genuinely healing response of which we are a part.

The central point of her work is the invisible and mystical dimension revealed in the forms of nature, sounds, scents, proportions, colors and touch, as well as in the words and silence that emanate from a deep connection with the “Being.”

The artist expresses herself through mixed media on canvas, watercolor illustrations, or vibrational graphic photomontages, and even by creating works shared with other artists.


Yossy Camacho is a creative woman, with an innate gift for art and an overflowing passion for ceramics.

After exploring different paths in search of her true passion, Yossy found her place in the art world with ceramics. Inspired by the teachings of her family where the love for creativity and expression was nurtured from a young age, and her deep love for clay, Yossy decided to dedicate herself entirely to this form of expression.

For Yossy, creating ceramic pieces is not simply an act of technical skill, but a way of pouring her soul into each creation. Therefore, each piece she creates carries a piece of her soul, conveying emotions and narratives that resonate with those who contemplate them. For her, ceramics is not just a means of expression, but a way of life, and a means of leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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