Fueled with passion and endless creativity, every step along the way unfolds a thoughtful design we crafted with great skill and love.

The birth of ideas

The process of making Shash starts with ideas. Ideas that can come at any time of the day or night. The moment those ideas meet the paper, they are being born and through a magical play of working with colors and sketches, they start taking on different shapes and forms.

Turning the invisible into visible

As the collection sketches unfold, there is already so much character built into them. Every creation gives rise to a set of characteristics that give that piece a unique personality. Choosing the perfect material is then the next step to giving identity and value to every Shash piece produced.

Where the magic happens

In the workshop, the sound of the sewing-machines announces the birth of Shash creations, the moment when sketches become real and tangible. The Shash team takes care of every detail as they know that what they witness while sewing is the creation of timeless style and elegance.

Time to take off

As the pieces are integrated into a coherent whole, the excitement about the collection being presented for the first time grows. By showing our creations we are telling a story about Shash and as good narrators, we want to ensure that a photo shoot or performance reflects our vision.

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