Once an artist, always an artist.

Sasha Sasic is a Serbian visionary artist born in Croatia who currently resides in Madrid, Spain. Her journey into the realm of art began with an insatiable creativity and a highly developed sense of beauty which together with her versatile nature immersed her over the years in various artistic disciplines.

After graduating with an economics degree in Belgrade, she worked for 5 years as a creative director in a renowned international marketing agency after which she decided to pursue her childhood passions and moved to Spain. From that moment, Sasha started creating and discovering the transformative potential of art through different branches: dance, costume, design, and art direction.

Sasha’s artistic expression didn’t stop there; it extended and wove into the sphere of fashion. In 2017, she founded a fashion brand SHASH focused on a minimalist, timeless style, drawing from her roots in dance and costume design. As she grew professionally, she started realizing the impact that the fashion industry had on our planet. She made it her mission to raise awareness about the importance of having the best sustainable business practices and led by example by building a 100% sustainable brand.

After 7 years of successful business, 7 collections, and receiving the Elle Style Award award, she felt it was time to devote herself even more to creativity. She decided to create The Shash Gallery – a world that would transcend the conventional boundaries of artistic expression and offer not only a visual experience but an emotional journey too.

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