Not just a shade, but a universe.

In the first curation of The Shash Gallery, Exhibition I, each piece embodies the vision of simplicity, woven through the shades of white.

Blanc Sur Blanc is an exhibition made up of a series of works by 9 artists who live and create in Madrid, Belgrade, Zagreb, Paris…The exhibition opens the space for artistic diversity and reveals a stunning collection of new works.

Through the subtle nuances of white, these creators of minimalism explore the richness that lies within the spectrum of whites. Work in paper and charcoal, watercolor, oil, objects, collages, and sculptures, form a rich and interconnected circle that despite differences in artistic expression, remains united by the universal language of art.

The white-infused art comes in different materials and forms but together make a composition that tells a greater story, merging the literal and figurative interpretations of its parts.

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